2017 Wilderness Series Video

2017 Wilderness Series Videos



ARGO Outfitter XTI 8x8 first look from Richard Mellon
All new for 2016 ARGO announces the Outfitter XTI 8x8. Richard Mellon of Trapping Inc and Outdoor Quest takes a quick peak at the new model features and the rugged platform it is built on.

Jim Shockey - The Professionals
Jim Shockey’s The Professionals” takes viewers behind the curtain and into the life and career of Jim Shockey and his production team. Jim Shockey’s trusty traveling companion, the 8 x 8 amphibious, all-terrain ARGO vehicle, gets him through all kinds of challenges when he’s out on a hunt. After an exciting moose-hunting expedition, Jim told us about the advantages of having the ARGO at the site.

Waterfowl Hunting with Dirty Rice Outfitters
A top notch duck and goose hunting outfitter located in the boot heel of Southeast Missouri, Dirty Rice Outfitters run their fleet of ARGO 750 HDi’s in over 10,000 acres of flooded rice, soybean and corn fields.
Every year, more than 3,000 waterfowl hunters get to experience first-hand what duck hunting is like in the world’s number one selling amphibious XTV.

Jim Shockey and his ARGO
What legendary hunter Jim Shockey thinks about the all terrain, amphibious ARGO XTV.

The 411 - The ARGO - Amphibious All Terrain XTV!
The ARGO XTV is the ultimate off road vehicle for fishing, hunting, ice fishing, wilderness fishing and more. Available with or without tracks this baby will navigate deep snow, slush, mud, cattails and even open water. The safest way to ice fish, the ARGO XTV is the ultimate off road experience.

ARGO ATV- Bear Hunt 2014 BL's Guide & Outfitting
ARGO – the XTV of choice for the outfitter. A successful bear hunting mission sees the trophy brought back to camp.

ARGO Avenger Moose Hunting 2011 - 2.wmv
A short video of a moose being pulled out of the bush with an ARGO. ARGO made it easy, almost too easy.

Getting out of the swamp in the ARGO
Duck hunting is hard work. An ARGO with tracks makes it a little easier.

ARGO Avenger with Two Bull Moose
A short video of two bull moose being pulled out of the bush in an ARGO.

The crew from The Outdoor Quest TV show talking about and using ARGOs while hunting and fishing.
40 Years of Hunting with the ARGO and Still Going Strong for Outdoor Quest TV Show Host.

2011 Show #2: ARGO Ice Adventures
Host and star of Fishing 411 Mark Romanack takes his ARGO on an ice fishing adventure.


ARGO Corporate Overview
Behind the scenes at ARGO XTV's parent company, Ontario Drive & Gear Limited (ODG). The history of ODG is filled with ground-breaking innovations in off-road mobility; developments which have spurred ARGO to become the most successful and highest selling amphibious Xtreme Terrain Vehicle (XTV) in the world.

Hunting vehicle - Hunting in Swamps with the Best Amphibious Vehicle
For big game hunters who need a vehicle that can haul over a thousand pounds of game and venture where other vehicles can only dream of, the answer is simple; the ARGO. Amphibious, all-season, all-terrain, all you'll ever need.

2013 ARGO - Extreme Terrain Hunting Vehicles
A highlight reel of what the world’s most extreme hunting vehicle is capable of with legendary hunter Jim Shockey.

Alan Warren Outdoors
Duck hunting in Southwestern Arkansas with David and Buster Toms of Alan Warren Outdoors.

Hunting Vehicle - Hunting With Jim Shockey & the 8x8 ARGO Amphibious XTV!
World renowned hunter Jim Shockey never leaves camp without his trusty ARGO. In it he has travelled across some of this planet's harshest terrain in pursuit of some of our world's most dangerous animals. Whether he's hunting grizzly bears, Alaskan caribou or big bull moose, Jim relies on his ARGO to get him to his prime spots.

Ultimate Hunting Experience
From the mountains to the marsh to the savanna, hunting enthusiasts of every stripe agree that the ARGO is the better way to go. No matter what game is in season (waterfowl, big game or uplands), ARGO’s all-season mobility will get you there and back.

Applications - Hunt Camps
Extend your camp season with ARGO’s 8x8 mobility to keep trails passable, sites accessible and bait stations primed through every season. ARGO gives you the capacity to move guests in and pack them back out with their trophies in tow.

Applications - Resorts & Outfitting
Show guests the best of the outdoors and the most remote wilderness camps in the world’s toughest off road vehicle – the ARGO.

Southern Outdoor Hunting
The hosts of Southern Outdoor Experience and owners of Black River Plantations show what the 8x8 ARGO Avenger is capable of in the low country swamps from Florida to South Carolina.

Jim Shockey and his ARGO - The Ultimate Outfitting Vehicle
For big game hunters and outfitters who need a vehicle that can haul over a thousand pounds of game and venture where other vehicles can only dream of, the answer is simple; the ARGO. Amphibious, all-season, all-terrain, all you'll ever need.